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The drive shaft boot is a plastic cone shaped piece at the end of the drive Shaft. It must be noted that this piece is like a grid, and as the name suggests, it prevents dust from entering the drive Shaft.

During check-ups or periodic services, this piece is also inspected by a mechanic and is replaced if necessary.

Boots can easily be torn. Driving on roads, getting hit by pieces of stone, or simply being worn out, can be causes for them to be torn. If torn, the grease inside the shaft head can ooze out and pollutants like water or dust specks can easily get inside and damage the drive Shaft. Grease oozing and water entrance can rapidly cause the shaft head or gearbox head to rust.

Damage to the boot may simply seem harmless, but it is considered as a basic and sensitive damage which can cause the vehicle not to move. Therefore, it is essential to have regular check-ups and cares and have the piece replaced if torn.

Signs of a Damaged Boot:

  • Grease oozing inside the wheels

  • Turbulence while driving

  • Visible damage to the piece

Feeling serious turbulence or hearing noticeable knocking like noises while turning the vehicle, probably means you have acted too late and the whole axle must be replaced.

Observing a few Important Points When Replacing Drive Shaft

The drive Shaft is an important piece in the vehicle which in case of being damaged, can cause the vehicle to face problems in moving and can damage its other parts. That’s why you are firstly recommended to go to a mechanic for periodic services or its replacement.

Keep in mind that when opening the drive Shaft, the vehicle must be switched off. If done while the vehicle is on, or if the brakes are used during its replacement, it can cause damage to your vehicle. Before replacing the piece, please first discharge the gearbox oil.

When replacing the drive Shaft, be careful with the other parts of the vehicle and avoid damaging the oil seal, as any problems with that can cause oil leak.

Guidelines on Buying Drive Shaft Boots

Like other parts in a vehicle, boots have a sensitive and important role. Buying a new grid needs attention and experience. In most cases, this is done by mechanics and your presence or interference is not needed. However, you might also be asked to provide the piece.

In the following lines, we present you with essential points regarding buying the boot so that you will not be cheated or confused by the fake versions in the competitive market.

  • Boot Type: The first important point is to pay attention to the type of the boot. Drive Shaft boots must be anti-oil type, which is more durable and of better quality. Otherwise, the boot will hit the gearbox and come out of the normal form. In such a case, boots will lose their durability and be damaged.

  • Brand: Visiting the car spare parts market, you are faced with different kinds of spare parts with the same shapes but different prices. In such a case, the only way to identify a reliable and good quality piece is to choose a well-known brand which provides you with good quality and reliability.

  • Cost: At the spare parts market, there are boots with lower prices. Boots come in two types of anti-oil and simple. Simple ones are cheaper and have less durability. Despite their lower price, they are not recommended at all.

  • Vehicle Type: Drive Shaft boots are different in different vehicles. For instance, the boot in a Pride car is different from the one in a Samand car.

  • Drive Shaft Boot Type: In addition to the vehicle type, you also need to pay attention to the cover type. For instance, in a Pride car, the inner boot is different from the outer one.

Drive Shaft Difference in Rear and Front Wheel Drive Vehicles

In these two types of vehicles, the power transference to the wheels is different. In fact, in rear-wheel vehicles, power is first transferred from the gearbox to the drive shaft, through which it is then transferred to the differential and after that the drive Shafts act as a medium to transfer this power to the wheels. In rear-wheel vehicles, the place of differential is in a separate system and on the rear axle of the vehicle.

In vehicles which are separate differential, it is a little different. In fact, their differential is placed inside the gearbox and therefore, the volume of the gearbox of the front axle is larger. In these vehicles the power is directly transferred from the gearbox to the differential and is then transferred to the drive Shafts, which in turn transfer the power to the wheels.

Considering the above points, in front-wheel vehicles, there is less power wastage, less weight (due to the lack of drive shaft), and faster power transference.

Last Word

Despite enough points and guidelines, buying vehicle parts is something quite difficult. Finding reliable companies and brands needs inquiry and research. On the other hand, there are some who cannot afford high-quality vehicle parts.

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