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Global Terms and Conditions of Confide Best Company (for all services)

The conditions contained in this section are the general conditions of Confide Best closed company, which are common to all services and are required to accept and implement each of these services.
In addition, in Confide Best, the purchase is determined in a special way and using each of the purchased products requires the acceptance of that service.
Below are the general and common conditions of all services of this company.

Agreement and changes

1- All users of the services of Confide Best Company are obliged to comply with its full terms and conditions. These comprehensive terms and conditions reserve the right for you and the company to add, remove or modify your terms at any time without prior notice by publishing them on your official website at

User information

2- Users should update their information when using the services of Confide Best Company because this company uses the information provided by the user to communicate with them.

3- If the information provided by the users is incorrect or if for any reason the Confide Best company is aware of its inaccuracy, the company will terminate the shared service at its discretion and close the account in any service it needs. . will do. be blocked, so the consequences of false information are on the user and the company has no responsibility.


4- Confide Best company will provide its users to a third party without their consent. Users' information is used only when it is necessary to inform users of changes in products, services, services provided or new services provided by the company or conditions that may be specified for the use of users.
Registration: Clause 4 of Confide Best company's general rules includes judicial authorities and governmental and non-governmental institutions that do not have a license or legal document to obtain information.

Security account

5- All user information is stored in the company's secure and isolated database, but in the case of internet services provided by the company that has a user account, it is responsible for storing passwords and other items in the accounts. The user is the user of all the operations performed by the shared accounts.

6- If a user uses unauthorized or risky services and the other user is identified in any way, the user must immediately notify Confide Best or its support services, otherwise Confide Best will do this. to give will give. It does not accept any responsibility for the damages caused by the use of the user's password, shared or non-shared account, with or without the knowledge of the user or dedicated users and assigns the responsibility to the user, as well as the responsibility of any kind. to the services of the company or other users, that user will be confused with the information .
Note: In implementing the rules of your rules in paragraph 6 of General Confide Best, be extremely diligent in maintaining and maintaining the user account access data in the company's services, especially the username and password.

7- Best refuses to accept responsibility for activities that are carried out with or with the permission of users on user accounts.

How to communicate

8- Confide Best company communicates through email and phone number (only users who choose this method for changes and other operations of the company) provided by users in the user account panel. Users should prevent messages from being forwarded to their spam emails by putting the company's email address in their whitelist, so obviously the company is not responsible for not seeing messages sent by users.

9- The user should refer to the website of Confide Best Company or the service to be up to date with the latest changes. and studied the sections. The company does not guarantee that it will notify the user in different ways.

No illegal use

10- Confide Best is an international business company and users who use its services must comply with the international laws and regulations of the country where the service is hosted. Users must also not violate any laws of the country in which they reside.
For example, the user who uses the Oman hosting service must respect and obey all laws of Oman as well as international laws, no laws and regulations can be changed. Confide Best Company is based on its own laws, and in case of violation of the laws, the laws of the country will implement them.

11- If Confide Best Company deletes and edits the user's information due to illegal or unethical use of the user, the user will not be refunded.

12- Confide Best Company reserves the right to disclose any information in line with the implementation of laws, regulations and legal procedures in general.

13- Confide Best company reserves the right to monitor, review and cancel the use of services and products at its discretion.

14- Confide Best company is allowed to stop or block the user's access to the service at any time and for any reason without prior notice.

Judgment authority

15- The main authority to judge about any problem is Confide Best Company, and the user cannot prove the existence of the problem by presenting the opinions of persons or websites or authorities whose words lack legal authority. Confide Best has its own tools to identify possible problems.

a refund

16- The purchase of goods from Confide Best company through the user account is refundable before sending the goods.

17- Refund available for most services has been up to 7 working days for ConfideBest.

Note: Clause 17 of the General Rules of Confide Best Company has the condition that the user does not abuse the service, so it is obvious that before send of the product, it is possible to cancel the purchase and register a new order as an alternative to refunding the products price.

18- Some of the company's services may not be canceled due to the shipping and type of expenses incurred.

19- Discounts or prizes offered during celebrations or important events are not refundable to users and in many services are refunded to the wallet of the user account that may be used for other orders.


20- In case of insulting, insulting, intimidation and other unethical acts to Confide Best Company or one of its employees, the company can unilaterally terminate the contract and the service fee will not be refunded in any way.


21- Confide Best Company does its best to provide the best services to users and it is obvious that it needs to cooperate with reputable companies by using the latest technologies. This is despite the fact that Confide Best company has always tried to restore the violated rights of users.

Undertaking, guarantee

22- Confide Best Company guarantees its products for 2 years due to the wide range of products, the provision of quality products and the targeted satisfaction of users.
Note: Clause 22 of Confide Best company's general rules does not guarantee cases such as the use of non-normal tools and non-specialists. This note is subject to the provisions of the users' contract with Confide Best Company.


23- Confide Best Company makes every effort to stabilize its services. Any interruption of the service does not mean that the implementation of this agreement is prohibited.

Emergency situation

24- Confide Best Company makes every effort to maintain and stabilize its services and products. However, special problems and other external factors may lead to an interruption in the company's services.

25- The user agrees that Confide Best Company is not responsible for the results of interruptions mentioned in paragraph 24, and in case of unforeseen events such as natural disasters, Jang is not responsible for not fulfilling its obligations. , riots, social unrest, explosions, strikes, government restrictions and sanctions. But in the event of such an event, Confide Best Company will try to reduce its effects.Note: Any emergencies mentioned above do not cause buyers to violate the terms of service.

Note: Government restrictions and sanctions and the impossibility of transferring money It will be an emergency.


26- Confide Best Company uses all its potential to provide the best services and comply with the highest quality standards in all services, but under no circumstances for indirect and accidental damages (such as loss of information and website hacking, etc.) not responsible Certain liability claims may be excluded from the above terms, where liability is limited by law.
Users agree that under no circumstances shall the Company's maximum liability for damages exceed the amount you pay for certain services and products purchased.


Support services (support forum, voice call and live chat) are actively available in most of Confide Best Company's services, and users must fully comply with the following rules.27- The user undertakes to refrain from sending repeated posts in the same topic.28- All users are obliged to follow up their problems as much as possible through the ticketing system.29- The user is obliged to follow the ethical principles in sending the support ticket and calmly and politely follow up the problems until the end.30- When sending a ticket, the user is obliged to enter the title of the problem and the description of the problem correctly and with a complete explanation so that the response of the operators is not disturbed and the speed of the user's response is not accelerated. Question.31- The user must wait for the support to receive an answer and refrain from ticking or answering repeatedly.32- When using the voice call service, the user must communicate with the relevant operator at the right time and in the appropriate section. (Voice call services will be available only during office hours from Sunday to Friday, Oman time).


33- The user undertakes to buy goods through clean accounts and sources.

Note of paragraph

33- The discovery of any kind of financial corruption (bank account hacking, money laundering, etc.) by the users is the responsibility of the user, and Confide Best Company does not accept any responsibility.

34- Confide Best Company adheres to all international banking laws and the user undertakes to abide by all international banking laws and assumes responsibility for any violation.

35- The company reserves the right to impose fines on the user if the goods are not sent on time.

Note of Paragraph

36- After receiving the goods, the user shall notify Confide Best Company of his satisfaction or non-satisfaction within 24 hours, otherwise Confide Company shall not be responsible for responding.

Personal interpretation

37- Users cannot request similar services from Confide Best Company, users must consult with the support unit before purchasing goods.Note: Consulting services in Confide Best are free.

the right of moral possess

38- Customers cannot copy, republish, or republish all or part of the text published on Confide Best Company's website without written consent, and they cannot use the logo, trademark, and all intellectual rights registered in the company and it. Services without written permission.

Cases of force majeure

39- Confide Best Company does not accept any responsibility for non-compliance with obligations caused by force majeure, such as: natural disasters, war, rebellion, public disturbance, public accidents, earthquake, strike, fire, flood. Explosions, labor shortages, accidents, seizures, government restrictions and international sanctions. In addition, the company is under no circumstances responsible for indirect and incidental damages such as loss of information, etc., and you undertake not to make any claims regarding the registration or order of the service. But in such a situation, Confide Best Company will make every effort to minimize the effects of any force majeure and make it lighter.