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CV Boot Drive Shaft Boot


Confide Best CV joint Boot are made of polyurethane polymers. These Boot are installed where the axles connect to the wheel and gearbox. The Boot prevent dust from settling on the joints between axles, wheels, and the gearbox as well as preventing grease from leaking.


The different types of CV joint Boot

The Boot in the market are usually made of rubber. Rubber has an expiry date and wears out over time resulting in grease leakage due to high centrifugal forces in axles. Leaked grease will collects dust, causing severe damage and wear in the joints, which is costly to repair. Besides, the Boot help seal the car parts.

Therefore, it is important to use high-quality Boot and to check that your car’s Boot are not damaged.


Features of CV joint Boot

Another feature of Confide Best CV joint Boot is that they are oil-repellent. These Boot have three times the elasticity of rubber and can operate in environments as hot as 60°C or as cold as -40°C as well.

An important feature of Confide Best CV joint Boot compared to rubber Boot is the unlimited expiry date which in turn increases the service life of the CV joints.

The cheap CV joint Boot in the market usually don’t have these features and dissolve over time due to contact with grease. Confide Best CV joint Boot are IATF 16949:2016 certified by IMQ-RINA. These Boot are completely resistant to oil and grease and have a very long life span. While it is recommended to change other Boot every 3 months, Confide Best Boot come with a 24 months warranty and last much longer than that.